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vue de la Porte de Hal de loin en soirée

Halle Gate

Although thousands of people pass every day close to this remaining part of the second surrounding wall of Brussels, along the "petite ceinture" between the Place Louise and the Midi Station, very few of them are conscious of its eventful history. This fairytale monument, more than 600 years old is in fact the most remarkable witness of the City's medieval past. After renovation work, the Halle Gate houses now a permanent presentation dedicated to the medieval City of Brussels. Climb the Halle Gate’s 169 steps and enjoy Brussels’ most stunning panoramic view.

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Halle Gate front

In the first half of 2023, at the request of the State Secretary in charge of Science Policy, the Royal Museums of Art and History and the Science Policy Administration (BELSPO) initiated a process of reflection on the future prospects for the Halle Gate. After analysing the results of this process, the Royal Museums of Art and History and the regional and local authorities agreed on a strategy for revitalising the building.

Please see the attached document (written in French/Dutch)

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