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Press Magical Theatres

The paper theatre, miniature theatre or table top theatre was once a source of pleasure for young and old. These days, it has sunk into oblivion. The "Magical Theatres" exhibition brings back to life the magical world of this toy, its fantastic colourful decors and its small paper actors. The Halle Gate opens the doors onto a world full of stories, from Shakespeare plays to the tales of the Grimm Brothers.

These delightful works of art, that appeared two centuries ago, reflect the magnificent European theatre stages and give insight in the private world of 19th-century families. The exhibition reveals complete theatres from this period and wonderful uncut original paper stages. Creations by contemporary artists are also on display. Visitors will be amazed by virtual dramatisations. Younger visitors are guided by a paper puppet, Puss in Boots.

The Magical Theatres exhibition is situated on the third floor of the magnificent Halle Gate Museum building.  In a permanent presentation, this vestige of the second surrounding wall of Brussels reveals the period in which the city was fortified and offers impressive panoramic views from its rampart walk. The annual temporary exhibitions focus on different aspects of day-to-day life in the past and present, and often find their inspiration in the European Ethnology collections of the Royal Museums of Art and History.

Exhibition 'Magical Theatres' from 01.12.2021 until 04.12.2022 at the Halle Gate


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